Soft Focus

Soft Focus Fragrance by FZOTIC

Summer has always been my season. Growing up in the Arizona desert, I lived for those long, sun-drenched days that seemed to stretch into infinity. As a kid, I'd spend hours by the pool, the scent of sunscreen and chlorine mingling with the aroma of citrus trees and sun-baked earth.

Even as an adult, I find myself chasing that summer feeling. There's something magical about those lazy afternoons that melt into balmy nights, where your biggest decision is whether to keep reading your book or get wet again.

Soft Focus is my love letter to summer. I wanted to capture that sense of relaxed indulgence, the feeling of being completely at ease yet subtly invigorated. It's a fragrant cocktail of my desert memories mixed with a dash of tropical getaway.

I started with the fruits that always spelled summer to me - juicy guava and zesty lime. Then I added a hint of chili, reminiscent of those spicy treats we'd snack on by the pool. The sea salt note? Well, I couldn't really do chlorine in a fragrance so I opted for the sea.

As the fragrance develops, it mirrors the transition from day to night. The woodier notes emerge like the desert coming alive after sunset. I included leather and sandalwood to evoke that feeling of walking into an air-conditioned room after a day in the sun - that moment of refined comfort.

Soft Focus is more than just a fragrance to me. It's a time machine in a bottle, transporting me back to endless summer days while still feeling grown-up and sophisticated. It's the essence of summer, distilled and refined, ready to evoke that laid-back, sensual summer mood any time of year.

Stay warm and keep cool!