Why offer blankets and soap?

I'll be honest: I love seeing and making art, but I don't always love the gallery and museum world. It can be exclusive and intimidating. And many people don't feel comfortable there.

FZOTIC is a perfume brand with benefits, rooted in the power of artful things that inspire people and energize their daily lives. A great soap (or throw blanket) brings joy and luxury to an overlooked moment we each have every day.


What's the soap story?

I'm a lifelong soap lover. As a child, I loved the fragrant lather of the soaps my mom brought home from our family trips to France. In 2015, after visiting the workshop of the legendary Martin de Candre, I understood that small-batch, handmade, artisan soap could reach many people without compromising quality.

I began the long process of teaching myself to make great soap (I like to think it's the best soap!). Over two years, I developed a soap that was my favorite to use, one with outstanding skincare and gorgeous fragrance. FZOTIC SOAP launched in 2020. We have been unable to keep up with demand ever since.


Where do I learn more?

The most fun way is to start sampling my scents to discover them for yourself. Hate one? Love one? You'll have a good time exploring regardless.