Lampblack: The Smell of Ink

Since it's full of burnt stuff, the smell of ink is closely related to the smell of smoke. It's also related to the smell of leather, but ink has it's own special vibe. Real on!

Can't Find Your Signature Scent? Here's Why

You've started a fragrance collection; maybe you've even become a little obsessed with perfume, but you're still struggling to find a signature scent. If you're not finding your signature scent, here are six reasons why it...

7 Fragrant Reasons Why I Love the Summer Heat!

I’ve heard the chorus chanting for pumpkin spice everything, but I’m not ready yet! Here are seven only-in-summertime smells that keep me hanging on to summer; loving every brutally hot day, especially with frequent dips in our...

How Perfume Made Me a Happier Person

I’m formally trained as a painter and self-taught as a perfumer. One of the most frequent FAQs I get asked at parties is some variation of “How did you get into perfume-making?” The honest answer...

What Does Galbanum Smell Like?

What does galbanum smell like? Galbanum essential oil and galbanum resin are important perfume ingredients. They're usually described as "green," but smell them carefully and you're in for a surprise.

How to Make Vanilla Tincture

I had a great time making this short how-to video with Sebastian of Looking, Feeling, Smelling Great! It shows how easy it is to make vanilla tincture.