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Any six scents custom prepared to your specifications!

SOFT FOCUS is only available under "Scent One."

Experience our fragrances in your life—at your own pace. Love one? You have 28 days to redeem your $21 discount towards any full bottle of your choice. This offer is only available through our website.

Six perfume samples in mini-spray vials, each containing 25 half-sprays. The entire set provides a month of daily fragrance. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Dean S.
Olfactory Works of Art

This was my introduction to FZOTIC and I customized it with six scents I'd never smelled before: Room 237, Unsettled, Lamp Black, Ummagumma, Feu Secret, and Corpse Reviver. It's incredibly rare for me to fall in love with every single scent in a discovery set, but that is exactly what happened with me and FZOTIC; every single one of these was a work of olfactory art to my nose. They are all so well-blended, and orchestrated in a way that surprises, perplexes, delights, and overjoys. In fact I never write fragrance reviews, and I'm doing it for FZOTIC because the work has impressed me that much; it has rapidly become my new favorite fragrance brand of all time. The discovery set is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to these amazingly well-crafted pieces of olfactory art.

Dane B.
My fit!

I love the concept of Lampblack. Now I smell like the ideal form of a used bookstore. As a writer and poet, this fragrance is critical for my practice. I can’t wait to use the discount from the discover set to buy a full bottle.

Benjamin W.

Great discovery set. Quickly purchased an FB of Vetiverissimo.


Fast shipping and great price! All of the scents are so unique and I would highly recommend for anyone trying to find affordable niche fragrances!


Interesting scents and there were two additional samples in the box which was a lovely surprise. Big fan of Lampblack