Feu Secret EDP

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Feu Secret unravels the enigma of orris butter through a dance of contrasts: warm and cool, woody and floral.

It opens with a brisk fusion of pink pepper and invigorating eucalyptus. Gradually, the heart notes of orris emerge, entwined with warm turmeric and Himalayan Cedar. A subtle wisp of smoke adds intrigue, while a touch of creamy vanilla infuses a sense of comfort.

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For years, I've been captivated by orris (iris) butter - the most mysterious of botanicals. It's always felt like a riddle waiting to be solved in a perfume.

When I was going through a time of personal transition, I finally found my answer. I wanted to create something private and sustaining, like an internal flame. That's when Feu Secret was born, named after the alchemists' "secret fire" that transforms the soul.

What fascinates me about orris is its life cycle. The rhizome, hidden underground, sends up a plant each year. It blooms, dies, and is reborn - much like we reinvent ourselves through life's changes.

Feu Secret became more than just a fragrance. It's my olfactory interpretation of personal growth and renewal, rooted in the earth but always reaching for the sky.
Hemlock spruce, eucalyptus, genuine orris butter, turmeric, pink pepper, Himalayan cedar, birch tar, vanilla.

Dusk when the stars first appear. Peaceful walks in solitude. Cuddles by a fire.

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Customer Reviews

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Iris masterpiece

I am a bit of an Iris addict (Iris silver mist is my holy grail), and the artist Perfume Genius recommends this scent, so I didn’t think too hard about adding a travel bottle to my collection. But I didn’t expect to fall in love with feu secret, and I’ve fallen in love hard. It has a quiet complexity that makes me want to nuzzle my own skin. My husband caught a whiff of it and remarked, “something smells good” — he thought it was just the cold, woodsy air wafting in from outside our house, but when I held my arm up to him he said, “it’s you.” It’s a bit bracing at first spray, then settles so beautifully into my skin. I get Iris with its contrasting mix of paper delicacy and rootiness, with cooling juniper and eucalyptus, then warm vanilla. I just love it and I’m ordering a big bottle. I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about this one.

Amazing amazing

Feu secret is my secret 😂 I absolutely love it