Sunlight Set

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Six scents with sunny, spring/summer vibes. 

This set includes: Room 237, Soft Focus, Unsettled, Monserrat, Five Squared and Poof!

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Six perfume samples in mini-spray vials, each containing 25 half-sprays. The entire set provides a month of daily fragrance. 



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Room 237 Card

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Poof! Throw

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ROOM 237: Angelica, fleabane, estragon, opoponax, costus, olibanum, vinyl shower curtain.
SOFT FOCUS: Lime, chili, sea salt, guava, pineapple, leather, sandalwood, coconut, cashmeran.
MONSERRAT: pink grapefruit, green leaves, carrot seed, osmanthus, jasmine, white musk, setting plaster.
UNSETTLED: Bergamot, black tea, clary sage, pineapple, New Caledonian sandalwood, labdanum, vanilla, ocean breezes.
POOF!: Apple, sweet orange, tuberose, cassie flower, magnolia, labdanum, cedar, vanilla, honey.
FIVE SQUARED: Red mandarin, grapefruit, rosemary, neroli, orange flower, petitgrain, spice, amber, incense, oakmoss, tonka bean.

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Customer Reviews

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I bought this because I wanted to test Soft Focus. I know Fzotic’s maceration time is 2 months but I went straight from the postman on this one. I’ve reviewed the others here or Fragrantica so I’m only reviewing the one mentioned above. It’s drastically different on blotter and skin, so test this on your body. It’s a super easy unisex and I’m surprised by how mature it turned on me. If you’ve smelled Voodoo Lily, this has that kind of delivery where it’s sexy on any body. I’m so excited for this and it’s going to be a full size purchase for me! I also think this can be worn throughout the seasons. I mean, I do what I want and don’t care about seasonal scents anyway. But if you care about such rules, you can swing this one into the snow!