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Lampblack 30 ML

A top seller year after year, Lampblack fuses darkness and light to create an almost industrial atmosphere of sophistication and refinement. Inspired by the smell of ink, the formula includes cypriol (also called nagarmotha), a root related to vetiver with a petroleum-like note that recalls oud. Sweet orange, bitter grapefruit, and crisp black pepper create bright, colorful contrasts with the woody-smokey ink notes. 

Awarded four stars by Luca Turin, Lampblack was the break-out fragrance for our brand. It's been a fan favorite ever since.

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Lampblack launched my career as a perfumer. I created it for an exhibition of small ink paintings that featured opaque, black India Ink contrasting with transparent, vivid colors. The art was dark and shadowy but also glowed with light and color.

Lampblack gets its name from Lampblack pigment which is used to make India Ink. Historically, it was made with soot collected from oil-burning lamps.

For the fragrance, I developed an accord that smelled like ink. I used the essential oil of nagarmotha, a root related to vetiver, which has a slight petroleum odor. I wanted it to have the almost industrial smell of a printmaker's workshop. As a contrast, I added a sparkling citrus accord to give it shimmering brightness.
Sweet orange, black pepper, bitter grapefruit, nagarmotha, benzoin, vetiver, inky notes.

Sophisticated cocktails. Brisk autumn evenings. Chance encounters in city streets.

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Customer Reviews

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Pete R.
From a printmaker

The zip of freshly rolled ink on a brayer; wood and paper pressed together with giant steel rollers; the faint whiff of deodorant as the printmaker bends over the press with a block in their ink stained hands. Sunshine streaming through an open window as motes of sawdust catch the light; that same sunshine bathing a new print, drying on a rack just out of the way.
Lampblack, oh my god, Lampblack. I bought a sample, intrigued by descriptions of it smelling like printmaking, but without high expectations as I'm a wood block printmaker myself, and figured it would just smell like people imagined printmaking must smell like, and not the actual thing.
It smells exactly like the actual thing. From the nagarmotha lending the scent of freshly carved wood and freshly torn paper, to inky notes that couldn't be any more accurate, to the citrus and spice reminiscent of a clean studio and a clean body, this scent is a work of artistic genius, and an incredible tribute to wood block printing and printmakers themselves. This is the first scent I've bought as a full sized bottle, and I have to make a concerted effort not to wear it every single day, as I don't want to go anosmic to it. Absolutely beautiful creation.


I have been looking for a fragrance for at least a year and found nothing and then a friend shared a tester of lampblack with me — it is everything I wanted in a fragrance and immediately bought a bottle. The perfect scent to feel worldly and wise.

Lampblack — citrus ink tar vetiver

Smokey inky wearable fragrance, just don’t overspray in high heat (at least for me, where it amps up the tar a little much). This is a beautiful non-mai stream piece of art.

Always a pleasure

Lampblack has been a long time favorite of mine and this bottle is no exception!