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ROOM 237 30 ML

Inspired by the spotless hotel bathroom in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, Room 237 re-interprets the "clean and fresh" sport fragrance by opening with a jump-scare: a bracing vinyl shower curtain note followed by a supernatural green-floral accord that includes wild fleabane and estragon. In the base: whispering aquatic notes that smell like cool steam haunt a blend of soft woods, opoponax, and costus root. Ultra-fresh, uncanny, and oddly wearable in an everyday way.

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I'm a huge Kubrick fan and I'm especially obsessed with the atmosphere of dread that he creates in The Shining. The spotless bathroom in Room 237 is one of the spookiest places in film history—conjured without creepy elements, but instead with a bizarre color scheme of supernatural green, a clean shower curtain, bright lights, and an almost threatening cleanness.

Color and fragrance are deeply connected for me, so I began by exploring unusual green notes like fleabane. I also did some research into men's vintage fragrances that might have been worn at the Overlook hotel in the 20's.

My goal was to create something uncanny: familiar but strange. I also wanted it to be very wearable and to create an atmosphere around someone that might not register as "fragrance" but more as a slightly unusual, but clean, scent; a true olfactory signature.
Angelica, flea bane, estragon, opoponax, costus, olibanum, vinyl shower curtain.

Very versatile. Spring and summer. A signature scent.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeffrey A.

I love this scent! It’s unique, complex, and very wearable. My new secret weapon.


My second favorite perfume. Second only to reviver. Lasts all day.


I am in love with the scent, it is SO clean! I would like there would be alternative sizes, I would like to own this in a 50 or 100ml presentation.