Five Squared EDP

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Wonderfully fresh, warm citrus with cool spices and hints of wood, Five Squared offers a modern twist on the timeless allure of orange blossoms. Fresh rosemary and spice elevate the scent. As it evolves, warm incense and rich amber emerge, creating a sophisticated interplay of freshness and depth.

Tonka bean and a hint of oakmoss add complexity, resulting in an invigorating and comforting scent. Five Squared balances natural brightness with resinous warmth, making it versatile for any season.

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When I set out to revisit Five, my first perfume, I thought I'd just make a few tweaks. But sometimes, fragrances have a mind of their own.

Moving back to Tucson, Arizona was like stepping into a time machine. The scent of orange blossoms wafting through the streets transported me back to my childhood. It was as if those memories were beckoning to be bottled.
Inspired, I amplified the neroli and orange flower notes in Five's familiar citrus-herb-wood accord. To ground this sunny burst, I added a whisper of tonka in the base. The result was more than a mere tweak - it was a whole new fragrance.

As a final touch, I introduced a hint of frankincense. It's like that cool breeze that cuts through a warm day, tempering any overly sweet notes and adding depth.
What began as a simple update became Five Squared - a new name, a fresh design, but with the soul of its predecessor. It's my olfactory love letter to the magic of childhood scent memories.
Red mandarin, grapefruit, rosemary, neroli, orange flower, petitgrain, spice, amber, incense, oakmoss, tonka bean.

Spring; summer; fall; fresh outlooks; new perspectives; positivity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Herb S.
Warm Citrus + Cool Spicy + Wood = A Goodie

Wonderfully fresh warm (not bitter) citrus with cool spices and hints of wood. Refreshingly fresh and embracing.

wendy w.
Makes me feel good

The scents that you create bring me to points of my life and trips I’ve taken. My fave is FIVE. I can’t get enough of it.
Thanks for doing what you do!!!

Charles D.
Feminine Leaning

Sweet Boquet. I wish Bruno would create more Masculine leaning scents like Ummagumma.