Monserrat EDP

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Joyful and uplifting, Monserrat captures the essence of carefree summer vacations in the Mediterranean.

This luscious and radiant fragrance opens with a burst of juicy grapefruit and fresh apricot skin. Green leaves and an unusual wet plaster note add an artistic touch as if you're strolling through a sun-warmed art gallery. Earthy carrot seed and a dash of osmanthus absolute - a flower often used to scent oolong tea - provide depth and intrigue.

As it settles, Monserrat reveals a cheerful, bubbly muskiness reminiscent of a crisp white wine spritzer. It's the olfactory equivalent of biting into ripe stone fruit while basking in warm sunlight and gentle breezes.

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When I created Monserrat, my second fragrance for a gallery show, I wanted to challenge myself. How could I reimagine a fruity-floral scent for grown-ups without resorting to candy-sweet notes?

The answer came to me through Italian frescoes—those sun-faded murals painted directly onto wet plaster. I even named the fragrance after a soft apricot-orange paint color from the Williamsburg Paint Company.

The heart of Monserrat is osmanthus absolute. It's tricky to work with—delightfully apricot-like but with an earthy undertone that needs careful balancing. This subtle earthiness grounds the fragrance, making it feel real and human.

As I developed Monserrat, I imagined strolling through Mediterranean art galleries on a warm summer day, the scent of ripe fruit mingling with sun-warmed stone. It became more than just a perfume, it's a bottled memory of carefree, artful summers.
Pink grapefruit, green leaves, carrot seed, osmanthus, jasmine, white musk, setting plaster.

Late spring. Summer. Warm evenings. Aperitif on the the terrace. Sunday in the Park. Sun-dappled shade.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Melissa T.
Refreshing and lovely

The subtly sweet and peachy osmanthus really shines in this light-filled summer fragrance. Perfect for warm weather.

Carrie S.

Monserrat EDP

Dee S.
Gift of Montserrat

I gifted my daughter this fragrance for her birthday.
She is obsessed with it.

Ren D.
A scrumptious scent

What a delightful fragrance! On me, this fragrance’s top note reminds me very strongly of ‘coconut ice’, a candy we used to make at home when I was a child. Happy memories! Sweet initially, then drying down to something more complex, this is a lovely fragrance that keeps me cheerful all day long. The added soap was a wonderful extra!

Fred H.
Smells great

Not only was the communication great, but once I received my order and opened the box, it was simply but elegantly presented. I enjoyed the sample soap and share a sample with a friend. I now have one of my favorite scents back in my repertoire and am reminded of my summer in the Mediterranean!