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A tropical escape, Unsettled opens with a splash of pineapple and sweet clary sage, then dives into a heart of smooth black tea with a whisper of vanilla. Warm sandalwood and rich labdanum create a base that's both fresh and subtly sweet, evoking the complex aromas of the South Pacific.

Commissioned by the Nevada Museum of Art, Unsettled is a carefree journey through time and place, transporting you to a tropical paradise with every wear.

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When the Nevada Museum of Art asked me to create a fragrance for their "Unsettled" exhibition, I thought, "Why not make an olfactory cocktail of the South Pacific?"

I started with sustainable sandalwood oil from New Caledonia. From there, I added crisp black tea, juicy pineapple, and a hint of salty air. Suddenly, I had a whole tropical narrative in my hands.

Unsettled became more than just a fragrance. It's my take on the South Pacific's rich history, blended into something you can wear and enjoy every day.
Bergamot, black tea, clary sage, pineapple, New Caledonian sandalwood, labdanum, vanilla, ocean breezes.

Beach holidays, real and imagined.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I’m giving 5 stars as to not disrupt his seller ratings. This is 3/5 for me but only because, quite frankly, this is too basic for Bruno. I hate saying this but, man, Yara Tous is almost a dead ringer for Unsettled and I hate that. You can smell the quality between two, Yara like much of Lattafa’s garbage fodder, smells sickly synthetic. Unsettled does not. The dry down is so nice and I wish it carried a bit further from the skin but it does not. This is my least favorite from the whole house but probably the safest blind buy there, too. Lampblack turned into a fast favorite for me even with the jarring opening, I love it.

Not to say Unsettled is bad at all, it’s not. It’s a total banger for summer and very lovely. I just like more weirdness in my juice. I’m the problem, not the fragrance.

If you need a comparison. This is like Yara Tous and Poets of Berlin had a love child. This child does slam poetry and smokes pot, because they’re cooler than their parents.

Delightfully Deep

This fragrance definitely took me by surprise. You can definitely smell the sweeter notes initially but as the dry down happens it becomes a beautifully deep and gentle fragrance. I didn’t expect to love the pineapple so much in this fragrance profile. A new favorite of mine for sure.

Given as Gift

This was on recipient's wish list for Christmas. He was very happy to receive it.