Au Delá - Narcisse EDP

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Modern vintage: made with real oakmoss, this authentic chypre is an homage to the bold classics of French mid-century fragrance. Au Delà - Narcisse is an amber soaked, white floral loaded with genuine (and costly) botanical absolutes. Resins and woods in the base give this fragrance the complex bone structure of a true chypre. Au Delà reveals a new facet with every wear.

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I grew up speaking French and regularly visiting family in France. My aunts, grandmother, and family friends all wore the gorgeous classics of French perfumery. My memories of the subtle architecture of those fragrances are at the heart of how I think about creating perfume. The classics are bold and daring. They were made when artists like Picasso and Matisse were re-inventing art. We didn't see that boldness again in perfume until niche fragrances arrived.

Au Delà - Narcisse is my interpretation of a classic floral chypre: floral but earthy, bold, and subtle. While composing it, I listened to Olivier Messïaen's symphonic masterpiece, which is full of contrast, dissonance, harmony, and beauty.
Bergamot, narcissus, jasmine, orange flower, labdanum, oakmoss, amber.

Autumn. Winter. Spring. Refined evenings in formal wear—or in PJs after a bath.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Margaret S.
Love .....

An intense, and for me, emotional perfume...this big and bodacious floral takes me somewhere beautiful. I feel so pretty wearing this. I get all kinds of compliments.
And it lasts a good long while. So glad I found it. If you love floral loveliness that trails nicely, you will love this one. It's a winner.

Felicia A.
Love at first sniff

I'd had a couple samples of Au Dela Narcisse that I enjoyed very much and used up in short order. However, a full-sized bottle was not in the budget. When I saw that a travel size was available, I happily bought one. It's a treasured addition to my perfume collection.

Gina S.
Modern classic

I love it! Very classic in feel but with warmth and simplicity. Au Dela stood out to me in a sea of samples and have wanted it for a few years, I was so happy to see a travel size available. This will be my wedding perfume.