"Ummagumma opens with a cocoa labdanum accord that is fantastic: resinous, glowing and a bit buttery. As it wears the cocoa dissipates, and the saffron and tobacco roar forward. Eventually it ends with a complex spicy, incensey dry down spiked with a bit of salty leather. It never strikes me as particularly woody. The overall tone is dark and unctuous. For me it's one of the more wearable offerings from the line."

—Eos [via Fragrantica]

"UMMAGAWD I LOVE THIS. Wow. Other reviewers have said "incense + chocolate" YUP! And nutmeg, and cinnamon...and sage? This is dry and herbal like that and also warm. It's a melange of notes that doesn't seem like it should work but exalts each note in its contrast."

—Sarah B.