“Vetiverissimo is, simply, the well-cut blue jeans of vetiver. It goes nearly anywhere and fits just about everyone. It’s not particularly fancy or self-consciously tough. It’s the real thing and smells like quality down to its last gasps at the end of the day. Its very simplicity and integrity make it hard to review because there’s not really a lot to say.

I recently found a Christian Louboutin satchel at a thrift shop. The satchel doesn’t call attention to itself, except that it’s perfect. Will Vetiverissimo blow your mind with its inventiveness? No. Neither does my new bag, but you’ll need a crowbar to peel it from my hands.”

–Angela [via Now Smell This blog]

"I thought I hated vetiver until I tried this. Now I am obsessed with it. I want to plant it in my yard. I want to know everything about it. It smells amazing and indescribable."

–ForestKate [via Fragrantica]